Boudoir photography is something that I've wanted to break into for a while...I've done a few sessions and loved it! When I moved into this house I knew immediately that I wanted to use my bedroom as an in-home's spacious and has a lot of natural light! I've been piecing things together a little at a time to turn this into exactly what I want. It's still a work in progress...I still need to paint my wood furniture white...but it's almost finished! I had my first session over the weekend but I can't share any of her pictures until after Valentine's Day!!

This space won't just be for boudoir sessions...I am also going to use the space for maternity and lifestyle sessions! So if someone wants, say, a lifestyle session with their newborn but they don't have a lot of natural light in their house they can come in to the studio for the session!

I'm just so excited I've been able to do this!!