Every woman wants to feel sexy. Right? Right.

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been plugging Boudoir Sessions a lot lately and there’s a reason for that. This past year has been pretty rough for me so I decided to do something for me. I had a Boudoir Session with the oh-so-talented Sharon Hundley of Sharon Elizabeth Photography. Let me tell you…it was such an amazing experience!! I left there feeling empowered! I felt gorgeous the whole time; I didn't feel self-conscious once!

This experience was eye opening for me! 

I just knew that I had to make other women feel the same way. I want all women to feel beautiful in their own skin!

I think there is a bit of a misconception about Boudoir photography. I think that most women think they have to wear as little as possible to make these sessions what they are. This is soooo NOT true!! The beauty of Boudoir (pun intended!) is that as long as you feel comfortable with what you have on (or off) the outcome will be gorgeous! If you buy a thong and garter because you think that's what you should wear but you're not comfortable wearing it, it'll show. I can't stress it enough...you have to feel comfortable! If being comfortable means wearing your significant other's oversized sweatshirt then so be it! 

Here are some ideas for 'outfits' for a boudoir session:

  • There's always the lingerie option which is a fabulous option if you're comfortable wearing it!
  • Nothing! There are very classy ways to do nude photography
  • Boy shorts and an off the shoulder sweater/sweatshirt
  • Your significant other's favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • A button up belonging to your hubby/boyfriend
  • Jeans with a sheer top
  • Bra and panties
  • A sports jersey
  • For shoes you can wear heels or your favorite sneakers or go barefoot

I know the majority of the time Boudoir Sessions are done for a significant other but they're just as much for YOU as they are for someone else!! Boudoir Sessions are also for marking a significant event...getting back in shape, losing baby weight, getting back in those jeans, overcoming a difficult obstacle in your life, or just to feel beautiful!

You don't HAVE to wear as little as possible. I want you to feel SEXY!!