Welp, this has been a whirlwind of a week!! The amount of support that I have felt during this Reveal Week is unbelievable!! I'm so beyond excited that it is complete and out there for the world to see!! It's been a labor of love, for sure, and I can honestly say it was so worth the late nights, indecisiveness, and worry. Yes, worry. I worried that I would get maybe two people who wanted to participate in my giveaways...on the first day I had 54 entrants! Crazy!! 

Before I get into my logo and branding I want to take a minute to rave about Danielle Ruppert over at Limefish Studio! (website   etsy   facebook   instagram) I was so nervous about this process because I had never done it before. I had no idea what to expect. I wondered how she could possibly come up with something from an inspirations board of Classic Vans, tulle skirts, tattoos, antiqued pained furniture, and birds. I still don't know how she did it but she blew me away every step of the way! She was super responsive and was constantly reassuring me! Her turn around time was unbelievable with each step of the process. I'm obviously so happy with her work! If you're ever looking to re-brand or update your logo Danielle is your girl! Not to mention all of the other things she offers in her Etsy shop AND she's a photographer!!! 

Ok, on to the logo. I explained the aspects of my new logo on Instagram as I revealed it in pieces but I'm going to recap here.

First, the name change. I decided to change my business name to my maiden name. No big deal, that was the easy part!

Second, the colors. Turquoise. Gray. Orange. There's not really a hidden meaning behind these colors; it was more of a realization that I've subconsciously been drawn to them for years! Last year for mine and Noah's Mommy and Me session I wore a gray and turquoise dress and he wore an orange and turquoise shirt and gray shorts. His board shorts last year were all three colors (despite them looking slightly more red than orange in the picture). I have decorated my house in all three colors. So it only made sense that I should use it in my brand/logo. It's obviously ME!

This is the color palette we came up with!

The next reveal was of my icons. There is meaning behind these little guys! I've always been a lover of birds...mostly from my favorite movie, The Notebook 'if you're a bird I'm a bird'...yeah, I'm a sap! That's the hopeless romantic in me! The arrow holds a lot of meaning for me. The idea of an arrow is that it has to be pulled backward in order to shoot forward. I've had a rough couple of years, as many of us do. I've gotten in funks and slumps that I couldn't get myself out of. That's a story for another time but basically I had an epiphany and realized that this little business of mine is my passion. I realized that the things I've been through in the past few years have only made me stronger and with that I realized how much I want to succeed at this! The things that drew me backwards had to happen in order for me to want to and to be able to do more for myself...hence this re-brand!! 

The fourth reveal was my full logo! I love it soooo much! With this re-brand I looked for three words that define my style. I came up with: Real. Edgy. Classic. 
I'm a firm believer in being real. When I photograph you I will give you an idea of the pose I'm looking for but then I want you to interact together. I want to catch that real reaction, that real moment! Sometimes my editing style is a bit on the edgy side depending on the session. I also like the edgy, urban locations like The Art District. While I love the edgy, I still love the classic...which is a bit edgy in itself, no? When I think of classic I think of black and white. I love a classic black and white bridal portrait or groom portrait. 

So with all of that info, Danielle Ruppert came up with this! The font of my name is a bit edgy but still easy to read. I just feel all three of those words when I look at this logo!

Here my brand board that Danielle put together for my branding!

I seriously can't wait to put all of this together for my clients!!!

Finally, the fifth part of my re-brand has been my website. I have done every single part of it by myself! (so be a little forgiving!) It has taken a while but I think I finally have it where I want it!

Thanks for reading about my re-brand!! 

If you're entering the giveaway (it ends 10/20/15 at 9:00 pm) don't forget to post a comment below about what you loved about the site and then head over to Instagram, follow me, follow Ashton Keely, like the giveaway picture, and tag 2 people!

xo danielle