You know life has been crazy when you get around to posting a blog that you meant to post at the end of January! That being said...better late than never!!! 

I'm sure most of you have seen my copious pictures of my fur baby, Morgan. She really does think she's my child...and I feel like she is! She always wants to be as close to me as possible. And although Noah loves to chase her and pull her tail she loves to be next to him as well...she knew Noah was one of our 'pack' the second she met him...she rarely leaves his side. She's very protective of us...all 30lbs of her will growl in the middle of the night when she hears a car door slam. She's full of crazy energy 24 hours a day. She barks at birds and squirrels and almost breaks her neck to get to the back door as if she could actually catch them. She loves eating bubbles when Noah blows them for her.

She's there for me when I'm upset...laying her head on my shoulder at the end of a particularly crappy day. When I get excited about something she jumps up and down (literally) with me. When I walk through the door at the end of the day she's always right there to greet me. I just can't imagine my life without her. 

Her 4th birthday was January 29th. Noah and I made her a tiara-shaped peanut butter and banana cake. Then we spoiled her and let her eat it at the table!

Noah tried to move her leg and she was like 'don't touch me while I'm devouring this cake'

"Hey...mine's all gone...can I have some of yours?"

Some pictures I've taken of her when she's actually still!

Morgan Girl

And here are some Instagram pictures (Follow me! @daniellecotephotography)