A few weeks ago my family was invited to the shipyard that my dad has worked at since he moved here 24 years ago to celebrate his promotion to Superintendent. To say my dad has worked his ass off for this position over the years would be an understatement. He worked in the shipyard in Philly before he transferred as a temporary employee to Virginia Beach to be with my mom, my sister, and I. They were soon married and my next younger sister and my little brother weren't far behind. My dad knew he couldn't remain a temporary employee so to become a permanent employee he entered the apprenticeship program and graduated with honors...no shocker there! He was also working as many overtime hours as he could at this time. This meant he wasn't home much while we were awake but he and my mom worked their butts off to send us all to private school and make sure we wanted for nothing. A couple years later he was promoted to supervisor. And now, Superintendent.

My dad's father and step-mother came down for the ceremony and since my grandfather retired from the shipyard as a Superintendent they thought it appropriate to allow him to pin my dad in. The ceremony was amazing, especially as I looked around and saw how many of his employees had used their lunch break to come out and support him. It was touching to see how much everyone there loves my dad.

I'm so proud of you, Daddy! Thank you for all you've done to create a life for all of us!

These two with their emotions! They made me all teary eyed too.

I just loved watching this so much! My dad was pinned Superintendent by his Retired Superintendent dad!

My mother, ladies and gentlemen! She's married, don't get any ideas!

And this is where I started getting all blubbery. My daddy started talking about how supportive my mom has always been and how proud he is of all of us. 

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