A couple weeks ago 16 people in my family packed up into three cars and drove down to Disney World. Yes, 16 people! And yes, we drove! We stopped a lot...three kids under 7 will cause that. Overall though, it really wasn't that bad of a ride. And here's why:

We didn't drive straight through to Florida. My parents have been to River Street in Savannah, GA so they thought it would be a nice place to stop for the night. Man were they right! What an amazing little slice of the city! We walked down by the river, went into shops, ate dinner, and watched the streets come alive as the evening progressed. It was like we were in a completely different world!

The photog in me was just in heaven!!!

Thanks for introducing us to this city Mama and Daddy!!

I was in heaven. HEAVEN, I tell ya!

This wall!!

A couple of iPhone shots from dinner. That goofball is allll mine!

These two just crack me up. All the time. Who gave them permission to grow up so quickly??

#ThatSunsetTho !! You know I'm a sucker for a silhouette shot!