This babe has been a literal God-send for me. We’re soul sisters because of our similar tumultuous pasts but our friendship has evolved into so much more! Tracy is a an extremely talented writer who can make you feel like you’re living what you’re reading. She tries to fall in love with something everyday and encourages everyone she encounters to do the same.

She is an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. She works hard to let not only women, but men as well, that they are not alone and that what they went through is not ok. Her and I have an ongoing project called Faces of Domestic Violence where we work to empower survivors and encourage them to tell their stories in a safe place in order to help others who may still be in a violent relationship

Tracy is a life coach who has this gift of asking the exact question you need to be asked and she waits for you to search within yourself for the answer. If you want to figure out why you’re feeling unfulfilled in life, contact Tracy. I’m not exaggerating. You’ll thank me later.